Dexa Coin

Dexa Coin how to send and receive money all over the world Dexa Coin is a revolutionary new business that facilitates the receipt and receipt of money worldwide and provides direct procedures for moving payments after eliminating many of the steps that can be found in other traditional methods. This makes the whole process of sending […]


ZooomEx ZooomEx is a new crypto plug action! Exchange with the lowest commission on the market! essentially making trading operations available to everyone! Zooomex does not generate from customers, and creates a comfortable platform where it will be convenient to trade with everyone! Until September trading commissions – 0%! Then it will grow so low that you won’t even realize […]


REVIEW OF MINUTES TO MINUTE Dabanking is a game platform based on ethereum blockchain with DAB tokens as official tokens to trigger transactions on that platform. After Dabanking has finished building their own blockchain, the DAB token will eventually be exchanged. A limited number of two hundred million DAB tokens will be provided and one can only […]


TROY The Safest Crypto Gold Manufacturer in the World and Digital Safes We will provide articles to introduce the TROY (Fort Knox In Your Pocket) project to potential platform participants and those interested in contributing to its development. The information below may not be complete and is not a contractual relationship. The main objective is to provide […]

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