Innovative Solutions for Work and Time Problems


Like it or not, life goes on somehow. And in this life that passes, our time, resources, health, and money are somehow left behind us and left us. Each of these components is part of our lives. Among these, resources of time and money are accepted as the most important in our society. We have heard a lot of time = money in our lives today. I will talk about the Mycro project, which will present a different approach to this problem.

Have you ever noticed that these two concepts are always on the same track? You can meet people who have a lot of money, but you have a little free time. I think each of us is surrounded by at least one person. Spending the money earned makes you happy, but unfortunately he can not devote time to family, children and his wife. Thus, some negative residues are formed in the soul.

But there are other situations in life where a person usually spends a lot of free time and can spend more time with his family. However, there are no financial benefits suitable for this situation. This is why a vicious circle is formed. But you want to get rid of this infertility? There is a proposal from the project team that will answer questions and aim to solve the problem. Let’s look together.


What are the Project Objectives?

The main idea of ​​this project is to create innovative solutions to the problem of lack of time and lack of money. This project will give all types of work or attention to others and get the results they want (free time or money). This is a mobile application that will cover all types of people, various short term jobs.


How does the principle work?

If we want to explain by giving an example; You want to spend a day with your family but you don’t have enough time to rest with them in the park. Instead of doing a large list of domestic work that requires a long accumulation and immediate implementation. This can include everything: cleaning the apartment, mowing the lawn, washing and ironing the sheets.


But with Mycro, you have the opportunity to entrust a portion of your business to someone who is ready to receive prize money for it. So you can solve two main problems instantly. You will be able to spend time with family and do all the housework. There are thousands of examples of this kind. Because this type of business can be a completely different plan, this is the type that can range from home services to delivery services, to stop various virtual and high-quality services.

What will be the features?

Because the main features of this project are the availability, openness and ease of use, this is a big advantage in blockchain technology. This will be based on all the other interaction principles of the participants in this platform. Smart contracts and smart algorithms will help control this relationship. The terms of the agreement will be deemed successful where both parties are satisfied with fulfilling their obligations. In addition, participants will have an assessment under Mycro so that employers will have the opportunity to evaluate potential workers in advance.


The principle of interaction in this decentralized network will be directly connected with the right experts while maximizing the reliability and greater reputation of all participants. As a result, you will often agree that someone who can do your work is not far from you. However, you don’t even hesitate because they both use the wrong tools for communication and interaction. This problem will be solved by Mycro. Job seekers and all necessary information about them will be immediately available to you when filling out the request form, which will have a positive impact on the duration of the last call.


What are ICO Sales and Details?

  • Symbol:  Vocational School
  • Target Softcap: 3.500.000 
  • Hardcap Goal:  14.000.000 €
  • Total Amount:  100,000,000 Vocational Schools
  • Pre-sale:  Vocational School
  • Main Sales:  40,000,000 Vocational Schools
  • Blockchain: RC20 Token
  • Participation Method:  ETH *
  • ICO Start:  2019 first quarter.

As a result;

I want to show that this project has a very interesting concept. If we talk about the project in more detail, I suggest you to see Mycro separately. To do this easily, I have added all the necessary links at the bottom of the article, with one click you will be able to get all official information about this project.

Type of work

The Mycro Mobile application will be very helpful for finding work from the following categories:


The Mobile application will be available for  Android & iOS versions  .

The dashboard will have an easy to use interface and can only be accessed via mobile just for posting and also looking for work.

Mycro Network

Overall, the mycro network consists of the following components which make it one of the best decentralized networks to maintain a balance of time & money balance. These components are as follows:

Market Potential

According to a study conducted by  McKinsey

The percentage of casual workers in the US is generally 30% or more. while, some time ago, the Freelancers Union and Upwork published a study which showed that 35% of the US workforce had been freelancing

part time or full time and assume that with ** increased digitalization and liberalization, this 30% percentage of casual workers can also be reached in other regions.

Token Design and Function:

Token Distribution:



In Nutsell: The Concept of This Project Is To Provide Free Time And Extra Money To People So That They Can Work As They Wish And Spend More Time With Them Closer And Dears Instead Of Spending More Than Half Of Life There Are For Some Pieces With Coins That Only Need Essentials that can be fulfilled.

For More Details Visit:









Username: khonod

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