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how to send and receive money all over the world

Dexa Coin is a revolutionary new business that facilitates the receipt and receipt of money worldwide and provides direct procedures for moving payments after eliminating many of the steps that can be found in other traditional methods. This makes the whole process of sending money not only simple, but also fast. Dexa Coin uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the world of money transfer. Companies and bank remittances, even in the modern world, still use traditional methods that are not only stressful, but also problematic. Thanks to the use of traditional methods of money transfer, customer satisfaction is low, as is the whole process.Dexa Coin is a platform that claims to be able to solve the biggest money problem in the world.It is said that the dexa platform is a platform that can connect to your transactions using a mobile application. The DEXA application is currently under development.The purpose of DEXA COIN is to simplify sending and receiving money around the world using blockchain technology. Anyone who is accustomed to using a smartphone should be able to do it simply, because the application is designed to be simple, easy to use and secure.The advantage of blockchain technology – a high level of transparency, security, ease of use – everything the DEXA Coin project wants to provide to people around the world. Using the APP on the DEXA Coin platform, people and participants can often communicate with whom they want to complete transactions, and it will also be easy for them to track their transactions. The DEXA Coin application is designed with instant messaging, where participants can easily communicate and discuss within themselves without the need for a third party.

This is how DEXA Coin works.Features of using DEXA wallet:Security: The Dexa Coin application provides financial security and financial information for its users. This application has several functions that guarantee the security of your digital money, and the wallet does not cancel transactions at any level. Unmatched security is one of Dexa Coin’s top priorities, and the team is fully committed to providing a secure platform for its users. Unlike other money transfer companies, using blockchain technology not only makes money transactions easy, but it is also safe.
Personal: Besides all the security features added to the application, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin application guarantees complete user privacy. The instant messaging feature has end to end encryption. This limits access to third parties and ensures that messages remain between the two parties involved. In addition, it is equipped with attributes that detect and fight unauthorized access to payment transactions. 
Let’s look at the benefits in a few points and explain the future trends for the DEXA Coin project:Send and receive money worldwide. The simple user interface makes this system easy to use, and anyone who has a smartphone connected to the Internet can make international money transfers, payments and purchases. 
Immediate Payment. Ability to pay quickly and efficiently using payments without NFC contacts or QR codes. 
The ability to connect your bank account. You can connect a debit card, such as VISA, MasterCard. 
Details for the sale of the main signs.Applications  Dexa Coin  application Dexa coin, with its advanced technology, seamlessly integrating both sides to make the transfer process becomes smooth. The Dexa Coin application comes with several features that together make the whole money transfer process easy for users. Several unique features have been included in the application, which provide a competitive advantage.Some interesting application features are listed below:Send and receive money worldwide:
International and national money transfers. You can send and receive money without delay or waiting anytime or from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. That is all. The inclusion of new technology makes the whole money transfer process.Instant Payments:
Dexa Coin is a money transfer platform that can be used for local and global transfers. It can be used anywhere at any time instantly. Planning on going out for dinner? The latest NFC and QR technology allows multiple transactions in various countries simultaneously.Integration with your bank account:
The Dexa Coin application provides smooth and fast integration with most bank accounts. This allows users to link applications to their payment cards, for example: Visa Cards and Master Cards, or transfer money from applications to their bank accounts and vice versa.Security:
The Dexa Coin application provides maximum security for users’ financial and financial information. This application is equipped with many features that guarantee the security of your money, and digital wallet will not be compromised at any transaction level. Unmatched security is one of Dexa Coin’s top priorities, and the team is fully committed to providing a secure platform for its users. Unlike other companies involved in the movement of money, the use of blockchain technology not only makes money transactions easy, but it is also safe.Privacy:
Besides all the security features added to the application, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin application provides complete privacy to its users. The instant messaging feature has end to end encryption. This restricts access to any third party and ensures that messages remain between the two interested parties. In addition, it is equipped with attributes that detect and deter unauthorized access to payment transactions.The feature that gives Dexa Coin a competitive advantage and sets it apart from its competitors is the “instant messaging feature”. Instant messaging is a social feature that allows users to stay in touch with family, friends, or anyone to whom they send money. This especially helps them receive and deliver updates related to sending money. Although this feature can be used by people for various personal purposes, it is very useful for business users or managers who need to maintain business relationships with customers and who need to communicate with many clients at the same time regarding various payments. This provides an unparalleled level of connectivity for its users, which cannot be achieved by other platforms.Problems with traditional methods
Imagine that you need to send money from one place to another, say, in the US, maybe? If you need to send $ 100 to a friend in the US, how much do you think he will receive? You do not know It is not easy to guess because of some hidden payments used by money transfer companies. There are many hidden payments that, together with a reduction due to exchange rates, cause a general decrease in the amount of money you initially want to send. Even if the money transfer operator (MTO) offers a commission-free rate, the exchange rate is always too diluted, which ultimately compensates for the lost commission. Apart from their high commissions, there are other factors that make the whole experience sad. These factors include technology, organizational structure, rules, norms, and overall price.DEXA PRIVATE CARDPrepaid cards can be a convenient alternative for people who don’t have a bank account. Launching a prepaid card is something we want to send and start at a later stage in this project. Users will be able to order prepaid cards and also link applications to it. Branded prepaid cards can then be used in many cities around the world for shopping, payments and purchases.DEXA WALLETDexa Wallet is a place where users will hold their DEXA tokens. This wallet also provides users to hold publicly available cryptocurrency, specifically ERC 20 and Bitcoin tokens. This wallet will have complete security features for your digital security.TOKEN INFORMATION: 
Token Token: DEXA 
Type: ERC-20 
Total Token: 100,000,000,000 DEXA 
Soft Cup: 400,000 USD 
Hard Cup: 2,600,000 USD 
Contract: 0x725440512cb7b78bf56b334e50e31707418231cb 
Sales of tokens will be done in three stages,ROADMAP:As a result, everyone will see the benefits of this platform for the crypto money market as soon as possible. This will help the market to develop more safely. I think this project will succeed. You can find more detailed information about the project from the link below and find answers to your questions. After your research, you can decide to participate in the project yourself.

Founder and team:

Adnan Altaf – Founder and CEOThomas F. Forsch-Chief Legal OfficerEmanuil Pavlov-Business Development ManagerPerry Whang – Corporate Financial Token and Asset ManagerJill Foster- PR & Marketing ManagerSenior Operations Manager and Digital Marketing Stivan PintoYasha Bali – Communication ManagementZeshan Ejaz-Senior Graphical UI / UX DesignerShehzad Khan-Chief AdvisorMuhammad Kashif-Advisor / Marketing & Brand AwarenessGeneral EvaluationEveryone is always involved in business or sending money to our family and friends. We only rely on operators to send money, but what if operators get away with your money? In addition, we all pay a large fee to make money transfers throughout the world; the range varies depending on the media or channel you are using. Why not start using the DEXACOIN APP to easily transfer money to friends and family or business partners, at a convenient time and place. Fees   for sending or transferring money through  DEXACOINat a minimum, only a few cents. Therefore, this platform will provide services that allow people to make money transfers that are easy and cost-effective, while at the same time allowing people to connect and communicate with each other.Website:
Whitepaper: . pdf
ANN Thread:
Facebook:   https: //www.facebook .com / DEXACOIN.DEXA /
YouTube: lJzJz25NhA? view_as = customerUsername: khonodLink:;u=2651667

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